the Land of fascimilies and corruption






You are fucking kidding me

aww its a cute gif of a shark trying to bite but his mouth’s too smAHHHHWHAT THE FUCK IS THAT SHIT OH MY GOD STOP NO STOP STOP STOP

if anybody is interested in being even more scared: these motherfuckers have been found in most oceans around the world and have existed for over 30 million years

The deep ocean is as close to hell as it gets man, this things a fucking nightmare



Just a friendly reminder to not put your change in the red buckets this year!

The Salvation Army doesn’t believe that gays and lesbians should ever know the intimacy of any loving relationship, instead teaching that ‘Christians whose sexual orientation is primarily or exclusively same-sex are called upon to embrace celibacy as a way of life." - (source)

Salvation Army Major: LGBT People Should Be Put to Death" - (source)

The Salvation Army openly says that ‘practicing homosexuals’ aren’t welcome in their organization and they have lobbyists in D.C. and abroad who work to prevent gay rights legislation from being enacted." - (source)

The Salvation Army does not only discriminate against gay and lesbian people, it also works politically against LGBT rights all over the world." - (source)


Spread the Word!

So while some of your nickels and pennies are going to hunger relief or “Christmas Assistance” just know that a large portion of your donation is going toward lobbying governments worldwide for anti-gay policies - including an attempt to make consensual gay sex illegal.

Thanks for your time! Please inform your friends and family, to help signal boost this message!


Other ways you can help this Christmas season:

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Travel the world and the seven seas.

Yay Eurythmics!  Stream piece number two—painty portrait.  For some reason whenever I draw Dualscar he is windswept and staring into some stormy distance.  Go figure.

goddamn those are some beautiful earfins


A luchador pokemon is everything I never knew I needed so badly. My new favourite for sure.


Talk shit, get hit

I had some trouble getting over the crushing disappointment of the final starter evolutions so I figured I may as well go all up in my adoration for this little hustler.


How is that possible that not everyone thinks this is the best pokémon ever ?! I mean, come on, it’s a Mexican wrestler bird, just tell me which part of this statement doesn’t sound AWESOME.


Colds in Japan are some serious shit


i think my parents would yell at me if i died

i wonder if anyone would miss me